Gilly Lovegrove
Portrait and Still Life Painting

The intention of my oil portrait painting is to capture the spirit and individuality of the sitter. Commissions have included children and adults, in single and double portrait poses.

In my still life painting I hope to discover the quiet contemplation of everyday objects.

Do contact me by email or telephone for an initial chat. I look forward to hearing from you.


‘The portrait of Elliott sits above the fireplace in our family room –
everybody comes through this room, and everybody loves
the picture. Gilly manages to combine her individual style with
a true technical accuracy. In her interpretation, she has captured
Elliott's humour and honesty perfectly.

In a fast-paced, throw-away world, it is a delight and joy to own
a work of art which I know has so much behind it — thought,
dedication, years of experience, and a love of what she does.’

Nancy Olden

‘We love the portrait of our son Daniel. Gilly has really captured his spirit.’

Gill and Andrew Hasson